Low Vision Unit

Low vision unit was established during in July 2001 to render services for children with Visual Impairment.


  • To provide early intervention services for children with visual impairment who are below 6 years.

  • To offer training in Braille reading and writing using Braille slate and Brailler.

  • To rehabilitate persons with visual impairment by meeting their educational, functional, social and vocational needs.

Activities undertaken by Low Vision Unit

  • Vision screening through clinical and functional vision assessment.

  • Early intervention services.

  • Training in reading and writing Braille.

  • Training to do mathematical calculations by using special devices.

  • Training in the usage of optical and non-optical devices for persons with Low Vision

  • Referral services to hospitals and other para-perfessionals.

  • Guidance and counseling.

  • Computer Training using JAWS software.

Vision Screening

Vision screening is a process of estimating the visual efficiency of a child with "Low Vision". Visual efficiency differs with every individual. So it is absolutely necessary to test every individual with visual problems.

Functional vision assessment

The functional vision assessment ascertains how well vision is used for a particular purpose. The visual efficiency of low-vision persons, irrespective of age or eye conditions, can be increased by a planned programme of visual learning experiences. The most important aspect is that they are encouraged and taught to utilize their remaining vision. The more they use it, the more they see.

Early intervention services

Early intervention services target children up to the age of six years who have delayed development in the areas of vision, motor, speech, language, self care and cognitive abilities. The services include individualized assessment and training in enhancing personal independence.

Teaching Braille to Persons with Visual Impairment

Braille is a method of reading and writing by touch meant for Blind children.

Training in the use of mathematical devices such as Taylor frame and Abacus to students with Visual Impairment which enables them to learn mathematics easily:

Training in the usage of Optical and Non-optical devices.

Training in the usage of optical and non-optical devices is provided as instructional guidance for children as well as for adults with low vision.

Referral services to hospital and other para-professionals.

Students / persons with visual problems from the society and students from the Vidyalaya institutions undergo vision screening process in low vision unit. The identified cases with visual problems are referred to eye hospitals in and around Coimbatore for treatment and glass correction.

Guidance and Counseling for persons with visual impairment and their family members:

This unit provides the guidance and counseling services for both the child and the parent as and when the need arises.

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