One of our Faculty’s concerns has been preservation and propagation of traditional sports and games of India. Students interested in Kalaripayattu – an ancient martial art of India, said to be the mother of all martial art forms including Kung-fu, Karate, etc., will be happy to learn that the Faculty will offer three academic courses from the present academic year, 2009-10. The courses will be offered on Credit Accumulation System so that students can easily exit and enter the Kalari course up to the Masters level as per their convenience. Moreover, the Credit Accumulation system will help existing Kalari experts and students to enter the course with a head start over a fresher because credits will be allotted to them on the basis of their current level of expertise in the subject. Although a time frame of 1, 2 and 6 years have been mentioned against the proposed courses, these are approximate because, Kalari being practical intensive, the actual time frame may vary on a case-to-case-basis. Minimum qualification for all these courses is plus-two.

1. Certificate in Kalari (1 year)
2. Diploma in Kalari (2 years)
3. Master in Kalari (6 years)

Some theory and practical papers: Theory papers: Foundation of Kalaripayattu; Anatomy and Physiology; Theory & Techniques of Meypayattu in 18 various types; Kalari-center management and Vasthu; Nutrition; First Aid and Physiotherapy; Ayurvedic medicines for treating postural deformities, and traditional understanding of the human body; Yoga; Pranayama; and Meditation; Theory and Techniques of wooden and metal weapon training; Theory and Techniques of oil massage training; Theory and Techniques of un-armed training; Theory and Techniques of Varmam training and treatment.

Practicals: Meypayattu, wooden weapon training, metal weapon, oil massages, un-armed training, varmam.

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