The Orthotic and Prosthetic Unit

This unit deals with conditions like polio, cerebral palsy, amputees, hemiplegic and paraplegic patients. Orthotic is a mechanical device, which is fitted to any part of the body with the object keeping that part in the maximum possible anatomical and functional position. The different types of orthotic manufactured in this unit are HKAFO, KAFO and AFO. These orthotic are fitted to the patients depending upon their conditions and according to the doctor’s prescription. Prosthesis is to replace the lost part of the body. The different types of prostheses manufactured in this centre are above-knee, below-knee, Syme’s, above-elbow and below-elbow prostheses. Moreover, assistive devices are manufactured with conventional as well as imported prostheses.  Special footwear for diabetic, heel-pain and knee-pain patients, known as the Micro Cellular Rubber (MCR) Footwear is also manufactured.

Present Prosthetic & Orthotic Facilities
The O & P Unit of the FDMSE is a modest setup capable of producing moderately good quality orthotic and prosthetic devices. Compared to its limited infrastructure, equipment and manpower, the unit has served surprisingly large number of clients and has a good reputation. The unit is housed in a small enclosure measuring 30 ft x 30 ft. The hall is partitioned using aluminium channels fixed with card board and glass panels to create following sections:

  • Cabin: To store’s a files, records and intercom connectivity

  • Store Room to stock materials. A   working bench is fixed here to carry on lamination works, cutting P.P. sheet works, and works related to heat gun machine.

  • Machine room contains a shear cutter machine, a drilling machine and a stone grinder.

  • POP Section has a small pipe vice and a grinding machine to carry out modification work.

  • Thermo Plastic oven: Electric oven machine is place in that room.

  • Swing Machine section: Stitching works takes place.

  • Workshop: One working bench with one bench vice to carry out appropriate operations takes place.

  • Assistive Devices storing place: Finished O & P devices are stored in the cabin.

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Last Updated: 20 May, 2014    
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