Doctoral Degree in Physical Education (PhD)

1. Full–time: Candidates who possess Masters Degree in Physical Education and MPhil in Physical Education are eligible to register for PhD in this University. Their degrees must be as per the regulation of this University or any other University accredited by UGC for award of degree in the discipline of study co relatable with those of Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda University.

2. Part–time: Any Post Graduate who wishes to pursue Doctoral research is eligible to register under part-time research provided he fulfils the eligibility norms and is having two years of teaching / research / professional experience.

1. Full–time: Minimum period for submission of PhD is 2 years and maximum 5 years.
2. Part–time: Minimum: Three years for a candidate with PG Degree from the date of registration.

This includes two years after completion of the Part I examination. Two years for a candidate with MPhil degree in the registered faculty, from the date of registration. Maximum: Up to five years from the date of registration. The medium of instruction will be English.

Course of Study
The course of study shall have two papers, viz., Part-I and Part-II. Three theory papers shall compraise part-I and examinations conducted at the end of first year. Part-II shall consist of a dessertation that should be completed before the completion of second year. Candidates with MPhil degree are exempted from part-I.

Grading System
A candiate shall be declared pass if he secures minimum 50% marks in each paper. Moreover the doctoral thesis shall be evaluated by three examiners - one from the state of Tamil Nadu, one from any other state/UT except Tamil Nadu and a foreign expert. All three must ‘RECOMMENDED FAVORABLY’ the PhD thesis before final viva-voce examination.

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